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     About Me


Nadia Tupikina, MBA, CRPC® CLTC®

  My mission in everything I do is always to bring my best self…

I am, and will always remain, fiercely independent in my advocacy for my clients. My objective first and foremost is to make a positive difference, and I see each day as a new opportunity to enhance the lives of those I serve. This intrinsic feel for what is important in business and life is my driving force.

I am intensely curious; forever learning and striving to challenge myself. I’m able to prioritize goals in an effort to make sure I’m doing the most meaningful work. I am innately driven towards growth and problem solving, with an ability to embrace the grind with tenacity and grit.

I have graduate degrees in Business Administration and Law. I have successfully founded and have run several businesses. In 2014 with my family in tow, I moved to the USA. The move gave me a chance to start a new life, a new career and to pursue a new passion. I watched my parents try to navigate the retirement maze. That is when I realized how important it is to have a trusted partner who can help answer questions and suggest the best options. Someone who really knows the ins and outs of the industry. Who can see the situation through the eyes of the client, rather than the bottom line of the insurance company. That’s why I started this journey to help as many families as I can secure and protect their goals and dreams at retirement. 

So much of retirement is a guessing game…Yes, there’s definitely a place for a historical data, equations, algorithms, and spreadsheets—as long as they support your retirement life and goals, and not the other way around. 

You won’t have the retirement your parents did, and that’s mostly a good thing. You’ll likely live longer, be more active, go to more places, and spend more money.

I love what happens when people shift their mindset from working to retirement and what they love.  From saving for retirement to planning for spending. Moving from the working path to a happy retirement.

The best retirement strategies are grounded in what’s important in your life right now and in the future. With consideration, if you want to launch a new career in retirement if you want to sell your house and travel the world.  It is your If. It’s your decision...

I view my role as Retirement Planning Counselor In its simplest form, help people connect their savings to their life; however, my personalized approach to retirement planning is about so much more than just that. I look at the whole person: their health, happiness, goals, dreams, ambitions, their needs, and their wants… We start with your dreams and goals, and together we create a retirement strategy that you just can't wait to implement. 

I see how the result of my work Truly helping people – that’s when I really thrived

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